About Us

Hello everyone, my name is Zeasuchia (zee-asha), and I have worn hair extensions since the age of fifteen. Wearing hair extensions and wigs for over ten years has help me to learn the importance of high-quality hair and how it makes you feel. I fall in love with each person a become when I change my hair.  Forever Goddess Hair Company was created to promote confidence, boldness, and natural love for oneself.
When I first started wearing hair extensions I loved it so much, but I struggled to take care of my natural hair. My hair was thin, broken, and brittle. I wanted to be confident with and without hair extensions or wigs. As time passed, I have found a hair care routine that works well for me, and now my hair is full and healthy. I even have a hair care routine for my bundles. It is my mission to encourage everyone to take care of their hair extensions and their natural hair.  My website will also be used as a forum to provide you with helpful hair care tips to grow your hair long and full.
At Forever Goddess Hair Company we strive to provide you with the best quality hair we can find and the best service. We want you to fall in love with hair, whether its long curls or a kinky curly afro. I encourage you to exude strength, boldness and natural love for hair.  Let your hair, yes your hair because "you paid for it," give you the confidence to break out of your shell and conquer the world. Let Forever Goddess Hair Company bring out the goddess in you forever.
With love~ Zeasuchia