Raw Vs Virgin Hair

Raw Hair

Raw hair is 100% unprocessed human hair that is collected from a single donor and then machine wefted. Places of origin are Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. It has never been steamed, chemically processed, or altered by heat in any shape or form. The hair is 100% pure. Raw hair comes in its natural state unlike virgin hair. The raw hair is shedding free, and it remains neat. It acts just like natural hair, which means it may frizz up from time to time and it will need products. Although no bundle is alike the hair remains healthy and bouncy. You can dye this hair type, perm it, or bleach it. It further assumes a silky, smooth texture even after you have washed it several times. Raw hair is considered a luxury item and therefore it will be expensive.
It is also considered the highest quality hair on the market and only comes in three textures. These textures include straight, natural wave, or curly. When it comes to Raw hair no bundle is a like, which means the color and the wave pattern could be different. Raw hair is expected to last up to 3 years or more with proper care. Proper care simply means treating your raw extensions like it is your natural hair.
1.  Raw Cambodian Hair: This Hair is considered the real deal, and it is worth every dime spent. This hair is super luxurious, tangle and shedding free. It is directly sourced from Cambodia and is received from a single donor and taken directly to the manufacture. All raw hair including Cambodian hair goes through a sanitation process, and Cambodian hair smells amazing. Cambodian hair will last so much longer than you expect and blends very well.
2. Raw Indonesian Hair: Raw Indonesian hair is another amazing hair type. Blends perfectly with any textured hair. Extremely voluminous, bouncy, and has the most natural appearance. Ideal for wavy or straight styles. This Indonesian hair is naturally silky and has a medium luster. Due to its full texture, only a few bundles are required for a look/full head.
3. Raw Indian: This is popular among buyers, and it’s also deeply loved. They are light brown in color which makes it easy to blend with other hair types and colors. It is also a very soft texture and smells amazing. I would highly recommend using your high-quality hair products on your Indian bundles as well.
Use products such as Paul Mitchell or Nexxus.
Moisturizing and Conditioning with high quality products is key!!


Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is 100% human hair that has been steamed processed to achieve a certain curl pattern or texture. Virgin hair textures and patterns range from Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Mongolian, etc. These patterns do not mean it is from their designated country, it mostly describes the nature of the hair. Each pattern has a variety of textures such as straight kinky curly, body wave, deep curly, etc. You can color your virgin bundles to any desired color.
When it comes to shedding when you comb it, a little bit of shedding is inevitable, especially if the wefts have been cut. However, if you notice a lot of loose strands and shedding, please inform me directly because quality hair is important to FGHC. Virgin extensions does not require as much maintenance and products compared to your raw bundles, but still needs proper care. Since the hair is virgin, it can also be expensive as well.


Your Tressemme and Aussie products will work for virgin hair, but your more expensive products are helpful as well. 



When it Comes down to deciding on which hair type to use it is completely up to you. Making your choice also depends on what you are looking for. Of course, if you have the budget, you have every reason to enjoy the raw hair but if not, go for the trendy and different patterns that the virgin hair offers you. You can restyle both raw and virgin hair and make some amazing curls with the correct tools and temperature, and both can be colored. It is important to use the proper products to improve longevity. Using a hair spray to maintain the hair curls and texture is important. Split ends may sometime occur because it has lost the right nutrients after donation, therefore, using olive oil can be beneficial.


No matter what hair type you choose FGHC is here to help!