How to Redefine Your Curls.

Hello Goddesses ,Kings, and Queens!
First of all I would like to say that curly hair is my favorite texture. Having curls allows you to wear your hair in a curly afro, or you can tame those curls for a sleek and finished look. Today I am going to go over a few steps with you on how you can redefine your beautiful curls.
Step 1: Grab yourself a mist sprayer ( which can be purchased from our online store), and fill it up with water and or your go to conditioner. (water only works better on our virgin curly bundles).
Step 2 : Section your hair into 4-6 sections and fully detangle each section using a detangling brush, denman brush, or a wide tooth comb. (We currently have the Eight leg detangling brush available for purchase. Just go to "Shop All" to locate the product). Add more of you water and conditioner mix as needed to your hair. Make sure that you are taking your time and not pulling on your hair, patience is key when it comes to curly hair.
Step 3: After applying your mixture brush or comb your hair starting at the ends of the hair and working your way all the way to the top. You may also apply curl cream during this step, but not to much.
Step 4: Repeat step 3 on each section and watch the magic happen, and your curls should be popping.